Thr Pick Up Artist

Have you ever seen The Pick Up Artist on VH1? I tried to watch it, and I just, I don't know, couldn't. And I LOVE douchey reality TV. I have been wanting to write about it for some time now, but haven't been able to put into words what I truly feel by this celebration of douchery. Whilst on a procrastination-from-studying break this afternoon, I came across this brilliant post by Mindy Does Minneapolis. She says everything I never could.



We Want The Funk

I kind of want to be friends with these kids. I am at least going to work on stealing their moves.


Ugly Betty

"You're starting to look like 2 fat girls hugging"



I was so in the zone studying today I forgot to go to a meeting at 2. My bad. Are you guys psyched for Grey's tonight? I am.



The Way I Am

I want to fall in love like this. Maybe one day. I'll wait.

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I am taking the LSAT on Saturday so I should be spending all my time squeezing in some last minute studying, right? Well, in true procrastinator form, I am studying... during the breaks I take from spending an inordinate amount of time on MySpace. Looking up friends, friends of friends, people from high school, my little cousins (who are in college now actually). It's like when I have a big paper due and all of a sudden I get an overwhelming urge to clean my apartment and organize all of my closets. This new MySpace thing is just less productive. Man, people are weird. Not me, of course, just the rest of you. Some people got fat, some people got hot a lot of people got kids. That's cool. Another thing I notice is that some people are really good at keeping up with their friends from high school and college while I'm just good at keeping up with people I see all the time anyway. Tonight while I'm supposed to be studying I'll probably look up all of my ex-boyfriends and see who got married and who got ugly.



Transport Phenomena

So, once a month I have to teach a transport lecture while Dr. martins has a Faculty Senate meeting. I always think it's weird teaching, plus I'm no good at it.but it was a long day and a lot of diff-eq.



Good Stuff

So I had a pretty great weekend. Went up to Basalt Friday, spent the night playing Settlers of Cattan with Jared and Kate. Totally fun nerdy game about marshaling resources and building settlements. You don't care, but it's fun. Saturday I studied in the morning, then went to lunch and got a pedicure. In the afternoon when Jared got off work we took Murph for a hike, then got some Chinese food and watched a really bad movie. The Cave, Comcast gave it one star, and I must conclude that they don't hand out zero-stars, or this movie would have surely had zero. We were planning a hike in the morning but woke to rain, and spent the day drinking mimosas and watching football. Good Sunday. This is totally cheesy, but I had the best time this weekend not really doing anything. Jared is great company. Pretty easy on the eyes too. Unfortunately I forgot my camera on our hike, or I could have gotten some great shots of Murphy actually in the water! Murph has a big old crush on Jared, and would go just about anywhere he asked.

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Pictures form COD FISH '07 are here. Due tot he fact that they are terribly inappropriate, I have selected a few choice photos that are nudity-free and really capture the scope of the day. Enjoy.

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Last weekend, due to my excessive intake of alcohol, I lost yet another pair of sunglasses. I would venture to guess that I go through four pair a year. So, on my way home last night I stopped at Kohl's to pick up a new pair. I went to Kohl's because last summer I found a pair of Junior's sized glasses there, I have a tiny head and they fit better than grown-up glasses. I found a pair I liked, paid for them, and on my way out I ran into a guy who recognized me and said hello. "Hey, Drea, how's it going?" "Great! (Can't place him) How are you?" "Good, good, you still working over there?" "No, (I have no idea where over there is), I am in grad school at Mines now." "Awesome, well Drea it was really great to see you." "Yeah, you too." And then it happened. I leaned over and hugged him good-bye. Hugged him. No idea who he is. He was with (I assume) his wife who gave me the dagger eyes. For hugging her husband. Who I don't remember. Hugged him, talk about overcompensating.



Spicy Thai Kettle Chips

Fucking Disgusting.


Oh, and I have some wicked mentionitis.


Wednesday- Hump Day

I hate Iron Ore. We are in the middle of a project that we don't really have enough time to complete, and one of my bosses apparently thinks I'm an idiot. I only spent a year and a half doing about eight thousand float tests at Hazen, but my other boss (the one in charge because my regular boss is out of town) has decided that I don't have a clue what I am doing and wants all of my work supervised by a colleague. A colleague who has never done any flotation, and has told me that she has no idea how to do it. So now, we have even less time to get everything done, because I can only work on the project when she is free to work with me. I can't wait to get out of here. (9 more months!) Oh, and I go home every day covered in dark red dust from the ore. It's really a mess. In other, and more frivolous, news... I e-mailed that date guy from last week and told him I wouldn't be going out with him again (he asked). However, I will definitely go out on some more dates, if I ever meet anyone to go out with. It definitely wasn't as bad as I expected. I am heading up to Basalt this weekend to hang out with Kate on Friday and go hiking with Jared (from the CU game last week) on Saturday. I am also going to be studying for the LSAT (next Saturday, the 29th). That's right I am taking it again, but I still don't know if I have studied enough. Maybe I'll just never feel like it's enough, an I should get over it.



Whew! Another long Monday bites the dust! My weekend started out great! My mom and I went golfing, and although it wasn't my best game ever, I had a great day. We were paired with a fun twosome, and even though they were much, much better than me they were very pleasant and fun to play 18 with. Saturday afternoon Jill and i met for lunch, and then Jared met up with us for Margarita's. Erin, Jenny and Sari met up with after for some drinks and then BBQ at Brandon's before the CU-FSU game. The game was pretty long, and actually pretty uneventful as the Buffs didn't really have a good day. Poor Aimee was sick, but Ez and Jared kept me in stitches all night. the guy in the background with the stern face cracks me up. Double Fish-hook! Thank goodness for Aimee's veto. The rest of the night is a little bit of a blur, but i made it safely back to Brandon's at the end of the night, and slept in a nice warm bed.

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Date Update

I would say that the date was fine. Nothing to write home about. We met at six thirty and by ten to eight I was on my way to Jill's house. But, it was good to go on a date and be reminded that I can talk to people. But we probably won't be going out again. Tonight I don't have plans, maybe a beer with Party Sarah, but I am definitely cleaning my apartment sometime today or tomorrow morning.




So tonight I have a date. My first one in almost 6 months. I am a little nervous, but I think it will be fine.



For Tanya

I was sitting in class today thinking about how fun it was to hang out with Tanya last weekend (2 weekends ago?) and I spontaneously wrote this Haiku: My friend Tanya Smiling bright and dancing free Always makes my day

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I Can't Quite Believe This

I find this not only unconscionable, but unfathomable. If any of you watched Top Chef Season 2, you remember Contestant Josie Smith-Malave as warm, funny, friendly, etc., etc. etc.. Last weekend, while celebrating a birthday with her sister in Long Island, she and some friends were gay-bashed. Attorney Yetta Kurland said, "...as many as 10 "young adults" followed the women out, circled them, screamed anti-gay slurs, spit on them and then punched and kicked them. A camera belonging to one of them was stolen...." I don't understand how this kind of violence exists. I am perfectly nonplussed. That members of our society can attack, verbally and physically, other people for something as personal as whom you choose to love offends me deeply. That we have gone so far as to legislate this same thing, making equal rights a non-sequitur. Passing laws against discrimination whilst banning gay marriage. Is tantamount to the good old nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and then turn the other way so we can't see whats going on. Sorry I got off track a bit. What I'm really trying to say is, aside from it being reprehensible, wrong, and immoral to beat someone up because she likes girls and you like boys, I guess I am wondering who cares that much. How does it affect this persons life in any way? Such a bigot would surely not have gay friends and hopefully not gay family members to subject to such unnecessary prejudice. Were this beating racially motivated society at large would be up in arms, this would be a priority. Instead, this news was buried, found only on the Bravo website, and other similarly entertaining sites, while Britney Spears is still headline news on mainstream sites. And what about the gay-bashing that happens to people of no notable celebrity? We never hear about it, and in turn, seem not to care.

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Today is maybe the longest day ever. I have no classes today, but plenty of articles to read, and I am trying to write my thesis. I feel like I have the shortest attention span possible today. I spent like three hours on some physics homework. I am not getting it. I know i did this same problem in modern physics a few years ago, but I can't remember. I'll sleep on it for a night or two and then I'll be able to figure it out.



Tuesday Night- Killers Concert and Ace Hi

I am a posting fool today! Most of these (from Labor Day weekend) I had written last week, and just never got around to posting them, but I may as well post them now. As soon as I have pictures from tubing I'll put them up, but who knows how long that might take. I met Kate and DB for a beer at Golden city and ended up going to the Killers concert with them. I was wearing a little sun dress, so I borrowed a shirt from Kate and jeans from DB and we took off. I looked like a little kid playing dress up in her mom's closet. The weather was great. Kate's friends were really nice. The show was good. A bit theatrical. A bit cheesy. We were definitely the only people there who didn't have to go to homeroom in the morning. After the show we hung out in the parking lot drinking beer until our driver was ready to go. They dropped us off at the Table Mountain Inn. I was starving so we lit out in search of provisions. The only place still serving food was the Ace Hi Tavern. Many good memories of drinking at the Ace in college. The Totino's pizza was as disgusting as I remembered. We gobbled it up. We drank some more beer. Listened to the jukebox. And finally hit the sack in a room at TMI. Bright and early the next morning I walked the block to work, brushed my teeth with the toothbrush I keep in my desk drawer, and began my Wednesday.

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