Welcome back..let's keep 'em coming

Welcome back Nate! My old roommate just moved back to town. That's the thing about Golden, if you stick around long enough, people start coming home. I am counting down the days until Jill and Suzie are back in town. Picture from the aforementioned Wisconsin fish fry. A little Sunday Fun-day with my new squeeze. Without further ado, said squeeze Nathan. Unfortunately Mr. Nathan lives to hell and gone from where I live, and I caught the sunrise this morning on my way to work. It was early.

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Pete Yorn in the House

So last night I met Tanya in Boulder to see Pete Yorn at the Fox Theater. The show was great.
The company was great too.



I'll be back soon...

Sorry, I have been soooo busy. Since my last post the following things have happened (including but not limited to...): Nate moved home! Jill is moving home! Suzie is moving home! (OK those are not things that have happened, but I have spent lots of time dreaming about them) It has been too hot to think, let alone type. Really to do anything but lay on the couch in my underwear. I went to a Wisconsin fish fry and hung out with Kate and Mak. I jumped out of an airplane. I vomited on a complete stranger 7000 - 2500 feet above the ground. That's right.




Drove up to Breck Friday night after work to visit Kate. We got dolled up and had a few cocktails. OK, quite a few cocktails. The next morning I asked her why this awful picture of Doug was on her refrigerator, and her reply was relief to finally have figured out who this random person was sleeping on her couch. You see, she had only met him once, and couldn't figure out why there was a picture of someone she didn't know, IN HER HOUSE. Finally I got to make fun of her crazy Barbie collection. Cracks me up every time.