He was a terrible man who was tried, sentenced to death and executed. Fine. But I really didn't need to see his hanging and dead body wrapped in a sheet on the comcast start up page this morning while I was having my coffee.



Murphy do you want a treat?

Jill came over to get snowed in with me. She keeps feeding Murphy her boogers. Gross.

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Snowy Day

So I'm home from work today, not feeling well, and I've been laying down with the blinds drawn all day. I just looked outside, and it's snowing again, white out. I sure do wish I had a cute boy on my couch to watch cooking shows on the food network with all day.



Crazy Girls

I have no news, because I am lame and I go to bed at 9 pm, but I hear that some crazy ladies stayed out until 4 in the morning livin' it up. I am sorry I missed it.



Happy X-mas Part 4

To Jilly and Frannie and Kleem and Party Sarah and Suzie and Tanya and Tom and Roxanne, Mom and Dad, maybe even Seth and Paul, and whomever else might read this... Happy Christmas or Hanukkah... whichever you prefer.

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Happy X-mas Part 3

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Happy X-mas Part 2

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Happy X-mas Part 1

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White Christmas Eve

I can't get this picture to rotate, so just tilt your head. I love how Murph thinks the snow isn't too deep to play in, and then falls through so just his butt is sticking up in the air. I love Murphy in the snow. I'm at my folks house for the holiday, Murph and Kitty came along to visit. Jilly was over last night for cocktails and just to hang out a bit. Today we're just watching football, and anticipating chili and grilled cheese, the traditional Christmas eve dinner. Don't forget to put out cookies for Santa!



White Out

We're having a little weather in our neck of the woods. It is nasty out. But I have three bottle of wine, some bacon and eggs in the fridge, and I'm not going to work tomorrow. So things could be worse.



VH1's 50 Most Awesomely Bad Dirty Songs

So it's a good game, but I'm getting distracted. I'm sleepy, my already short attention span is practically non-existent. First I got distracted by Two and a half Men. "Name's Kanockers, Vod Kanockers". That kid, when deadpan is hilarious. And then I stumbled upon VH1's 50 Most Awesomely Bad Dirty Songs. I love that they prouduce shit like this. Sooooo funny. #35, SWV's Downtown.... dirty. #34, Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.... funny. Vod Kanockers.



The Second 26 Hour Date

Unbelievable. And we didn't really do anything but hang out in my living room. There are so many amazing things about this boy... that I'm going to go ahead and shut up right now before I embarrass myself. God I sound ridiculous. Even so, I have the biggest smile on my face right now. It actually kind of hurts.




Whenever I really start to hate work, payday rolls around. Owing to the fact that I have about $8 in my checking account right now, payday is a welcome occurrence. Our projects right now aren't really exciting, but I am glad to be working full time over the holiday. I am missing the ladies, I think I'm in need of a girlfriend fix. I've been working so much (between work and school) and getting home and going right to bed, I'm really looking forward to a night on the town with my friends. Friday night? Ladies? Cocktails? Cute-boy-from-work is really lovely. We had an impromptu date last night. Dinner at my house, bottle of wine and a movie. I am really liking this boy, and I'm terrible at saying so. I can only imagine what he thinks, he's heard all my stories. I can't figure out why I'm not getting tired of him at all. We work together all day, spend an evening together, and at the end of the night I am loathe for him to leave. What a pleasant and unexpected development.




I've got it bad. Full blown, stage three mentionitis. I can't call my friends for an innocent chat without lapsing into cute-boy this, or cute-boy that. I almost can't stand me, and I am me. Give me a week and I swear I'll get over it. But he sure looked good in my kitchen.



The 26 Hour Date

Was excellent. No really, excellent. This boy is too cute for words.



I feel bad that I don't feel worse about Nathan. I am just so over it. And I am really happy.




This might sound a little perverse, but now that I am used to getting up at ten to five, I kind of like it. I am really productive in the mornings, and typically useless in the afternoons. I get to school two hours before anyone else comes in, and get two hours of uninterrupted power-work in before my day even begins. I can get a full 6 hours of work in before lunch. Granted I have to go to bed about 8:30pm, but I would just be watching TV anyway. So, FUN WINTER (as defined by Party Sarah): Doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and not feeling guilty about it. Rarely have I had so much fun, as I am having this FUN WINTER. Admittedly we ladies are all a little boy crazy of late, but this only seems to add fuel to the already blazing fire. That fire being just how much fun can we squeeze in each weekend. Ladies...Looking forward to the weekend.

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If I Could Just Squeeze Another Week or So in Before Friday

So I am actually living to work these days. 0500 Rise and Shine 0530 get to work or school Spend the rest of the day doing a combination of the following: Work on the ICP (disassemble and reassemble torch, replace argon lines, find vacuum leak) Work on term paper (Thermodynamics in equilibrium and non-equilibrium plasmas) Work on presentation accompanying term paper Work on Lit Review (deposition of ceramic films using inductively coupled plasma, target manuscripts that include optical emission spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool during deposition) Price Oxygen/CO/CO2 Sensors Price OES System for coupling with ICP (must be both mobile and reasonably economic) Data entry for pilot plant at work Assist with plant ops at work Try not to flirt with cute boy at work (see, it's not all drudgery) 1900 Dinner 2000 Go to bed 2005 Out like a light At least after Friday I won't be bothered with those pesky classes anymore.



Cryptic huh?

Have you ever found it soooo hard not to do the one thing you know you shouldn't do. Me too.



I decided to wait a month to post this, just so I could get clear about it. One month ago Nathan and I broke up. At first I was sad, boo hoo. Then I was a little pathetic, drunk dialing at 2 am. Then I started to see the light. I started to be a little less sad, and a lot more fun. Stepping out on the town with the ladies has become an art form, and we have risen to the challenge. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun, and now I wonder why I ever had a boyfriend.