Appropriately Somber

I was all set to be on team Finn. I had come to terms that Mer and Der would not, nay should not be. And then...And then...Well you saw how last season ended. It's impossible to rejoice in their little tryst because he's MARRIED, and she, well, who bangs their ex boyfried whilst on a date with an adorable, albeit naive veterinarian? Meredith, Queen of Self Sabotage. And just when I have decided to HATE McDreamy, he comes along and says the perfect thing in the perfect way. Poor Addison, your marriage is over. And frankly, I think that Finn came across not as understanding (because really, when is behavior like that ever OK), but as a really big pussy. Grow a sack and call her out on being a shady, sheisty ho. (I personally agree with Charlotte, S.A.T.C, that while two people may not be exclusive, fidelity should be guaranteed at least until the end of the date)



6 Hours and Counting....

Thank goodness for this site, Grey Matter, the Grey's Anatomy writers blog. I always feel a little shameful after watching G.A., I think I invest too much in the characters and their mistakes begin to feel like my mistakes, their bad judgment my bad judgment, their embarassments my embarassments, et. cetera. Also I spent so much of my week looking forward to the episode, that as soon as it's over I begin to feel a little lonely (I kind of miss having them in my living room, even if it was just for an hour), and the Blog provides just a bit of relief. Or maybe it is just a good reminder that I'm not the only one out there who needs to get a life.



Grey Matters

I am so excited for Grey's Anatomy I'm like a chiuhauha on crack. I hate the move to Thursday nights, but I love the show so I'll deal.