That's Right, More Hotness



I think we are 60 year old ladies...

...trapped in 26 year old bodies. We can't have fun out on the town on a Saturday night, but my patio on a Tuesday afternoon drinking white wine spritzers is a hoot. A little Indigo Girls action. And it has come to my attention that I have been a little tweezeaholic with respect to my eyebrows of late. That is what happens when all of your girlfriends scatter across the country, there is nobody tell you to lay off when necessary.



Dancing Queen

At approximately 8 pm on Saturday, Jillyjill landed in Denver. At approximately 10 pm we hit downtown. She was rockin' a cute new 'do, and some sexy undergarments. She sure knows how to shake her shit on the dance floor.



Bringing Metallurgy to the Masses

Tonight's Law and Order: SVU rerun on USA featured what they called a forensic metallurgist. Now I am always in favor of promoting public exposure to metallurgy and what metallurgists do, but did they have to cast the dorkiest, stereotypical little bald man for the role. How about a hot young 26 year old female metallurgist?




Chris Daughtry and Live (just absurd) Pickler and Puck (really, nobody could be that stupid) McFee ond Meatloaf (waaay past his prime) Simon Cowell rubbing his temples and muttering "stop it, stop it" Clay Aiken suprising his doofy fan onstage, moreover, that doofy kept singing, instead of bowing out gracefully And then...Prince! Holla! I don't care that American Idol has become a farce of itself, I still love it. It does however disgust me that more people vote for American Idol than for the President, but someone else can write about that. (Yay Taylor!)



I Guess I Never Learn

I went on a date with Doug. And it was a good date. I am trying not to think about when he dumped my the first night of our romantic weekend in Aspen. We do love our Colorado Rockies. Our first date was a Rockies game. So was our second date. I didn't even know we were dating until our third date, the blues festival. That was almost a year ago, and here we go again. I think. We'll see.



Murphy's Home!

Murph has been off visiting my folks, so he pretty much crapped out when he got home. This is what I did with my Saturday night, I'm really happy with how it turned out. One of these days I'll get a life.



Such an Exciting Life

I am finally all set in my apartment, except for the hanging of my picture frames, and I decided it might be time to switch things up a bit. I have been looking through pics on my computer, and I came across this: Which pretty much speaks for itself, don't you think?



Only Three More Months...

Thank God I decided to go the grad school. Working sucks. I have done the most tedious thing, over and over for the past two days (today I worked from 7 am to 5:30 pm). I can't really say anything about what I am doing, because we sign confidentiality agreements, but I can say that I am doing flotation, wearing steel toed boots, carharts and a hard hat, and coming home filthy. It's not that this isn't the kind of work I want to be doing, but school is so much better. I am sooo tired at night, and I am totally missing the beautiful weather we are having right now. Plus EVERYONE I work with smokes all day long, and I have to smell that awful smell until I am nauseous. Hopefully this project won't last all summer, and I'll get to do some more interesting things. I find I am having a really hard time relaxing, I am so used to having something (homework, studying, an exam) hanging over my head. I feel really jittery, and I can't sit still long enough to watch a whole 1/2 hour TV show. Hopefully I'll get over that soon. In better news, I am finally loving my new apartment, I am waiting for one more new piece of furniture to arrive mid June, and I'll be all moved in. I love the way I feel here, and I am really looking forward to the weekend. Finally, I am glad Chris got the boot, he was terribly overrated and had no range. I hope Taylor wins. And OMG Grey's Anatomy Last night I was seriously freaking out and bawling in my living room. I can't even wait six months for new episodes.




Can't write today. Gray's Anatomy.



Una Fiesta con La Familia

Yesterday we had a little party with the family at La Cueva my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Colorado. The food was spicy, the Margs were flowing, and the whole family was in town. My Mom and I proved once again that we couldn't take a good picture together if we had to. It was a lovely day, and today should be a nice pleasant Sunday. Happy Mother's Day Mom.



Class of 2006

I finally graduated! Started the day off bright and early at The Ace for a champagne toast at 7 am. After the (incredibly long) ceremony, we went for a very liquid lunch. After lunch we went to the brewery for a few pitchers of beer, and to enjoy the beautiful afternoon sunshine. In the evening my good friends M and K came down from Breckenridge. After about 5 pm the whole evening gets a little fuzzy.

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Maybe not so lazy afterall

I gave my kitchen a makeover and painted one of my ratty old bookshelves. And watched 45 reruns of Law and Order. Good Sunday.


Lazy Sunday

And I mean LAZY. I got out of bed just to lay in front of the TV. For hours. I did paint my cabinets, I mean re-paint, last night I painted them a really beautiful blue, but it just didn't look right. I don't want to leave them white, I am thinking the same yellow as the living room. We'll see, if it doesn't look good I can always paint them back to white. Other than that I am being held hostage by my dog. Murphy was on vacation at my folk's house and came home yesterday. He isn't used to the new place yet, and if I leave he'll bark up a storm every time someone walks by, which is often. Hopefully he'll get used to it by next Monday, when I start my new job.



2-5 business Days

I ordered this bad boy on Wednesday. It was tough to find, it was sold out everywhere I looked. R.I.P. Nikon COOLPIX2500. We had some good times.


Dear Frannie...

Dear Frannie, As I keep telling you, my digital camera bit the bag. As I hate posting without pictures I have postponed updating until the new camera arrives, which will be in 2-5 business days. Yes I have a lot to catch you up on, including but not limited to: Graduation 5/12/06 (Yes, I am finally graduating) My fantastic new apartment My excellent new job A rather anticlimactic foot surgery (at least the cast is off!) and finally The complete mind-fuck that I have been a party to this last week perpetrated by my lame ex-boyfriend. So please stop reminding me that I have to update. I will. Oh, I guess I just did.