Check out this hotness

My friend Frannie is having this work done, I was surprised, but I'm loving it.


Of all the days

Of all the days to forget to bring my camera. Highlights from last night include: Seeing just about everyone I know from college. Including the ex-boyfriend and his preggers wife (dirty looks and all) Including half of my old sorority sisters It is unfortunate that we all can't live together in this small town and get over it. I'm not moving, they're not moving, and we have the same favorite places. We are going to bump into one another, lets move on. More highlights: Repeat of Thursday, drinking cold beer in the sun at the brewery. wood's for dinner, but dinner was really just a big Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Beers on the patio at the Buff (what can I say it was a beautiful day) Karaoke: Poison (Bel Biv Devoe.... and now you know) All drama aside it was a really fun night. Sippin' some Mad Molly Brown Ale on Thursday



So Close...

Today is almost the perfect day. It's 80 degrees, the sun is out.

I'm hangin' with my buddy Barry, the second best dog around (second, of course, to my very own Murphy).

The Doug is in Spain, so I'm helping watch Barry, which is A-OK with me since Murph is at my parents on a little doggy vacation until I move. I'm a little lonely for some canine companionship.

My grandma sent me this great Easter basket. The Easter Bunny hasn't been to my house in years. Damn Easter Bunny. Yeah Grandma.

The only thing that would make today better is soaking up some sun and enjoying some ice cold beers on the patio at the Golden City Brewery, which is what I am about to go do right now with my friend Dan.



Back to the Grind

Despite my protests that I wasn't going to "do" E-Days this year, I did. Not only that, but I "did" E-Days so much that Friday I had to drink this huge Pina Colada at lunch just to get back on my feet. And it was delicious. One Pina Colada turned into Coors lab, which segued into beers on the patio at the Columbine.

Beers on the patio resulted in one of those great days drinking in the sun and throwing the football in the yard. While everyone else went to the fireworks, I decided to pass in favor if a nice hot shower. Just when I was about to cash in and call it a night, Dan and Jake (whom I hadn't seen in quite some time) turned up at my house, and off we went.

Every year that passes I swear that I am too old to hang out at the Kappa Sig house anymore, and every year, despite my good intentions, I invariably end up there. It is always a blast, due in no small part to the fact that this is how we passed the time in college, and it is all sorts of fun reminiscing. After this the night gets a little hazy, and the next day was rough. I called it quits and headed to my folk's house to recuperate, and prepare for my interview, which despite a never ending string of delays at the airport in Dallas, went well. Now it's time to face the four enormous term papers that lay ahead, so I guess it's a good thing that I had a fun weekend, because the fun is all over now.

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No real post today

Fun weekend, but I'll post about it when I get back from Decatur.



No Fireworks

Yesterday was a fun day, we left for the Springs at noon to take a tour of Western Forge, this is where they make wrenches and things of that sort. Interesting process, much smaller forge than Finkl, with a lot of throughput. We saw mostly machining however, and the machining steps are really interesting, especially the flush rivet pliers. After the tour I had lunch at The Mason Jar with Mark, Angela, Amber and Beth. It was good, but nothing special, it had been hyped too much. Later, I had talked Doug into taking me to the fireworks, but they had been cancelled due to the extremely fierce wind that sometimes whips through Golden. I had just opened a bottle of wine and put on Footballers Wive$ when out of the blue Marc called me and told me he wasn't going to let me sit at home alone bored during E-Days, and was coming to pick me up. He had someone else drive him, and when they showed up he was wasted. I turned out to be a really fun night, although I am a little hazy on the details, I ran in to people I haven't seen in years! Including Maida, who I plan on hanging out with tonight. Can't wait. I really need to come up with a somewhat more exciting way to take pictures. Much drinking ensued, and I hazily remember making out with a cute guy from my department in a bar packed with all the people I see everyday. How white trash... tacky, but fun.

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78 Degrees and Sunny

On Campus, it is beautiful today in Golden, and I'm feeling antsy to just get outside. Later I think I am goung to go next door and sit in Doug's Backyard with Murph and Barry. American Idol As Randy would say, I just wasn't feelin' it tonight dude. Taylor is quite pleasant when he dispenses with the affectations, and I really like his voice, but he sort of phoned it in tonight. Elliot has such a lovely voice, and he took Kenny's advice and eased up un the vocals, then got blasted by the judges for it. Paris just gets on my nerves. Ace finally brought it, it has been a few weeks since I liked him, but I really did tonight. Paula looked like she wanted to eat him alive, and it was freaking me out. Mandissa was sort of a non-event. Kelly's tits on toast, but she's dumb as a box of rocks and can't sing. The judges kept saying she "shined" tonight with the country theme, but I really just thought she seemed less out of her depth than usual. Chris (mmm delicious, brooding Chris), they dispensed with all the smoke and mirrors, he actually sang, and he sounded great. I don't know what the hell Kat did tonight. And finally Bucky, who sounded so good he was almost sexy (I said almost. If he could just learn not to smile or open his mouth it would be a step in the right direction). I know I'm about to start getting pissed off soon, because the great singers will begin to get voted off in favor of their less talented, albeit more popular counterparts. E-Days Anyone who did not attend the Colorado School of Mines has no idea what this means, but it is a weekend long party for a bunch of dorky engineer types who never get to cut loose. That said they always over do it, and it is a lot of fun. Festivities start Thursday night with a remarkable fireworks show. I probably won't tear it up this year due to orthopedic restrictions, but I am looking forward to seeing a pal from college Josh, who I haven't seen in ages, and whom I adore. That will mean hitting the bar scene in Golden Friday night (bar scene = 3 small town bars). The rest of the weekend I am out due to travel plans to Decatur, Alabama for an interview.




Yes today is Tuesday, and while Tuesday is usually under appreciated and seldom celebrated, I have been looking forward to Tuesday since, well, Sunday. Why? American Idol! I never used to be so obsessed with television, but when I broke my foot in February everything changed. On crutches until May... You'd stay home and watch TV too. Hopefully when the cast comes off I will heave retained at least some of my formerly social and outgoing personality. It took me 20 years to come out of my shell, I don't want to start all over. A few things I have learned in the past two months: 1. I used to bitch about walking to school in the rain, now I'd walk home in a blizzard if I could just come and go as I pleased. 2. A couple of cocktails + crutches = one dangerous situation! 3. No one looks hot in a cast. It is impossible under any circumstances. 4. Murphy's Law is real. I haven't traveled through an airport more than once in the past three years. That is until I broke my foot. Then I had to travel three times in two months. Murphy is going to stay with my folks until the big move on the 25th, at which time we will be trapped in the new apartment on the hill for a couple weeks until the cast comes off. At least the end is in sight, only 5 more weeks! I can't imagine I will be able to wear heels for some time (considering my leg has shriveled to next to nothing), so I bought a pair of flats, and I can't decide if they are ugly, if they are ugly in a cute way, or if I really don't care because I am excited to have any shoes I can wear that aren't my runners. Finally, I got four hours of desperately needed SEM time in this morning, and now (barring any more unforeseen screw ups), the testing portion of my senior design project is done. Now we just have to write the paper, not a minor undertaking. Here is my favorite image. The micron bar at the bottom is 23um, a micrometer (um) is 1/1000000th of a meter. The image is created using something called a Scanning Electron Microscope, which creates images by reflecting electrons off of a surface and measuring the intensity of the signal.




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Ever Expanding To Do List

Whenever I am able to cross something off my to do list, it seems I have three things to add. On top of the four papers I have to write by the 15th, I have to finish the SEM work for design, schedule a trip to Alabama (next weekend?), get something going for my research before the client has an aneurysm (tough to do until the kiln gets in from the glass blower), and make preparations for the impending move (movers? check!). Unfortunately the more I have to do, the less motivation I have to do it. I don't want to write a paper. I want to watch Footballers wives (Love Netflix). I want to sit outside and drink a beer at the brewery. On a completely unrelated note, I read an article in Yoga Journal this weekend about how the way you talk affects your mental and physical health, and if one should always speak the truth. Now I enjoy yoga as exercise, but I am not sure about the physio-psychological healing oneself from within business. However, I liked the premise of the article, and I do feel that the way we speak can have a great deal of influence on our environment and our interactions with other people. Further, my goal this year is to develop more grace. I want to learn to be effortlessly kind to people, and to make people comfortable. To this end, I am trying to remember to speak in a "pretty" way. The authors suggestion was to speak only if you can positively answer the following (1) Is it True? (2) Is it Kind? (3) Is it Necessary? Easier said than done.



Brand New April, Same Old Weekend

Really, you know you need to start getting out more when you are actually looking forward to watching network TV on a Friday night. I swear I used to be a fun girl, now I'm hooked on "The Ghost Whisperer". Yep, that's Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing another one of those flowing, draping gowns and ugly shoes. Just like last week. At least there was a new "Grey's Anatomy" tonight. Highlight of my week, sad, but true. That said, who doesn't love Chris O'Donnell. Delicious.



I really need to make a decision. Who am I kidding, decision is made. Graduate school, two more years of near poverty. At least that means two more years in Golden. A few more interviews, and hopefully I'll find a job for the summer that doesn't involve serving anyone food.