Just a Little Schoolgirl

Back in the swing of things, and I am loving grad school. This is the second week of classes, and one of my classes (finally) was scheduled yesterday. I am taking three classes: Mechanical Properties of Thin Films Solid State Thermodynamics Kinetics; Fundamentals and Solids I TA for my advisor, which really only means grading papers. I totally dodged a bullet, most people have to TA labs. My classes are over by 11 M, W and F, and 1 T and R. Personal life is in order as well. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?



Romulan lullaby my ass.

Whenever Capitan Picard plays and old folk tune on his piccolo, why does it always sound like "Where is Thumbkin"?




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Technological troglodyte

Sorry Jillly Jill. I tried to post the wedding photos on that Kodak thing, and inadvertently made 92 copies of all of those photos (120 of them) so now I am trying to sort that out. Here are a couple to tide you over until then.