If you don't "believe" in gay marriage, don't have one.

I'm a Democrat. While Democrats across the country are celebrating victories, here in Colorado I couldn't care less that four of seven spots were won by representatives of my party. I am disappointed in my community. I am sick to my stomach that the ban on gay marriage could not only make it onto our ballot, but be passed into our constitution. Our CONSTITUTION. When did we start legislating personal freedoms. Wait, stupid question. The majority of people in Colorado who voted, voted to ban gay marriage. I want to know why they care. And I want to know what's next. And how far it will go. Not only that (like that isn't bad enough) but voters defeated a ballot issue that would have provided and protected basic civil liberties to same sex couples. No social security benefits, and certainly not the right to marry whomever you want (obviously, see above) but at least a few. Why are we legalizing discrimination? How dare we?