Murphy is OK, thanks for your concern. He is looking good, the eye is hardly even bloodshot anymore, but I'll admit I was worried. Plans for the weekend are getting finalized. Heather is getting in on Friday, and we are heading out in Denver. Saturday we are heading up to Aspen for the Jazz fest, Joss Stone and John Legend on Saturday night, Spearhead and the Allman Brothers on Sunday. Sunday morning, 11 am the Ultimate Tubing Championship Series, or, City Of Destruction For Individual Sporting Heroism (COD FISH). We had a 2 hour conference call this evening (Mak, Jared, Ez, Brandon and Myself) to determine rules and scoring. And what an elaborate scoring system it is. I am so excited for the festivities. I sure do wish I didn't have class Monday. Boo.

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Poor Murph!

Monday is a long day for me. I have class from 4:30 until 7pm, and I was so busy today that I didn't eat lunch until almost 4, I just lost track of the time. So after my first really long Monday, which I am looking forward to after my first class tonight, I came home to my Murph. (Murph was, by the way, hiding in the bathroom, his usual behavior when he has done something wrong, I haven't figured out what yet). We went outside and ran around for a while and then played fetch the stick. So he caught the stick, caught the stick, caught the stick, and then for some reason looked up and took the stick right in the left eyeball. Blind in one eye is not what Murph needs, his sniffer doesn't work! But, it looks fine, he's squinting it shut, but he's not crying or messing with it and he doesn't snap at me when I try to look at it. If he isn't fine by morning we'll go to the vet, but i think he'll be OK.


Weekend Recap

This weekend I just wasn't feeling up to much. I went out for a short night in Golden on Friday, but what I really wanted to do was play with my new computer. Which is what I did on Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday. It is awesome and super fast. The other highlight of my weekend was discovering a new program, Mad Men on AMC. I caught up with the series On Demand, and I really enjoyed it. Now I just need to get used to this smaller keyboard! This paragraph had about 50 typos.



Friday Night at the Rock Rest

Mak and Kate were in town Friday night, so I met them at the Rock Rest. For some reason, someone had a goat in the bar. This bar has a stripper pole in the back room next to the dance floor. Need I say more?



25 Weirdest Animals

Check out the 25 Weirdest Animals. This is such a cool page. I've never seen most of these.



Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Last night, not willing to do anything productive in honor of the end f my summer vacation, I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again. I went to see it when it first came out, and since then have reread the book and wanted to see it again, and see if my opinion of it had changed. When I saw it the first time, it was everything I had expected, and I wasn't the least bit disappointed. After rereading the book, my only complaint is that although it was a dark, brooding book, it was also a very funny book. The movie is equally as dark, but lacking a lot of the humor that balanced the books insufferable teen angst. I fear I am in trouble, Harry Potter (or I should say Daniel Radcliffe) is HOT. And a teenager. Shame on me. (See yesterday's post about the delightful Zac Effron in Hairspray) I think this girl, Evanna Lynch, was perfectly cast for Luna Lovegood. When I read the book, this is exactly how I pictured her. I do have a little issue with the casting of some of the older characters however, Harry's Parents (who died at the age of 21, but are shown in the Sorcerer's Stone in the mirror or erised look about 35), Sirius who should be 35, is played by 49 year old Gary Oldman (and he looks it). Also Lupin, 44 year old David Thewlis, who looks every bit his 44 years, and who is to marry Tonks, played by 23 year old Natalia Tena. Creepy. I always worried about Ginny Weasley becoming Harry's love interest in The Half-Blood Prince as she always looks so much younger than Harry, until I came across this publicity photo. In a year or two, Bonnie Wright is going to be hot, so now I get it. As far as the rest of the cast is concerned, Puberty has not been kind to Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), but hopefully he'll grow out of it. On the other hand, Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom, is growing right along with his character. Looking less awkward and more confident every year, and I look forward to the part he will play in The Deathly Hallows. Finally Helena Bonham-Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. Great casting, she can look so glamorous and so deranged, just like Bellatrix should. I was really pleased with the fight in the Department of Mysteries. It looked just like I pictured it, the fight itself was excellent, and I thought the effects were spectacular.



I wnet to see Hairspray with my mom on Saturday. It was actually really good! I went in expecting it to be cute, but I was surprised at how well done it was, and how funny. I couldn't stop laughing and dancing in my seat. John Travolta and Christopher Walken really stole the show. I tell you, Travolta can move! I know it's wrong because he's seventeen years old, but I think I love Zac Effron. If I were 13 years old, I'd cut pictures of him out of magazines and pin them up around my bedroom. Maybe I can get away with that in my office?


Resolution (Sort Of)

OK, I have gotten a little resolution to my course schedule problem. Not much, but a little. For some reason I hadn't occurred to me that I could take courses outside of the department. I took a look and found two course that look really interesting. One in the Chemistry department, and one in the Materials Science Program. Intro to Disordered Solids on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 to 12:15 and Advanced analytical Chemistry on Mondays from 4:30 to 7. So that will cut into Monday night football a little, but at least I'll be doing something I like. I have also decided to retake the LSAT, so I'll be studying hard until Saturday, September 29. Hopefully I'll be able to increase my score significantly enough to justify putting myself through all that again. Sorry, but I don't have anything good from the weekend for you today. I had a terrible headache on Friday night, and stayed home and went to bed early, and on Saturday I went to the folks house to cheer my mom on at another triathlon. She really does kick ass.



I am DREADING this.

I just registered for classes and this will be my schedule: M and W 4:00-5:30 pm F 3:00-5:30 pm I actually can't think of a worse schedule, considering I am very much a morning person, and my brain shuts off around 2 pm. Maybe I'll have to reconsider this. And there is still a small chance I won't have to take anymore classes at all. Wish me luck.


Finally, Tubing Pictures!

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